Excellent detergency, but no harm for anything.

Away from toxic, we insist on using neutral ingredient for baby’s health. Easy to wash out, having great detergency, also friendly to environment.


Stain Removing Powder

The ingredient sodium percarbonate has great cleaning power, features detergency, sterilization, and deodorization. There’s no chemical additive might harm the body, and it can be decomposed naturally, also decrease the pollution to environment. Let’s be more friendly to earth!



Bottle, Utensil, Fruit & Vegetable Cleaner

The ingredient APG (Alkyl polyglycoside) is approved by ECO organization, which is natural, soft and low- provocative. No chemical additive like phosphorous, fragrance and pigment, to protect family health. Not only clean, but also safe.



Citric Acid Spray Cleaner

Aims at removing limescale, and designs for stainless steel specifically. The ingredient of the cleaner is 100% food grade citric acid, with mould proof and bacteriostatic grapefruit seed extract additive. Applies for any utensil made by stainless steel.