Assistant Pillow

Keeps you company with smiles

Ergonomic pillows apply to pregnant body shape. Multifunctional pillows give props to reduce the pressure of waist and hip during pregnancy, even for babies to lean on.


Maternity Nursing Pillow

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The pillow fills with high quality cotton fiber, to decrease the growth of dustmite, and prevent from allergic reaction. Light, not easy to collapse, great elasticity and durability, and the three-stage button allows you to adjust the size of pillow depends on your gesture. The silky cotton pillowcase with cosy touching is breathable and keeps warm, perfect for any season.

Maternity U-type Nursing Pillow

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The pillow is sturdy and full, not easy out of shape. A good support can reduce the pressure of arms and thighs while breastfeeding, also eases the back pain and the edema of legs result from pregnancy. The organic pillowcase is approved by international association, without bleach or chemical dye in process, to keep mommy and baby healthy in a long-term use.


Early Pregnancy


Suppots your waist and hip.

Middle Pregnancy


Help to lift legs to improve blood circulation.

Late Pregnancy


Put the pillow between legs to help with fall asleep. (only for "Maternity Nursing Pillow")




Help with maintaining a proper gesture during breastfeeding, and ease the pressure of body.

Supports Babies


The cyclic shape makes it easy for babies to lean on.