About Us

The most professional help from the start – We are specialised in maternal and child bedding.


Originally from Taichung, Taiwan, mammyshop aims to provide the most reliable, aesthetic appealing, 100% Taiwan-made products, which is continuously progressed with the times, with our sincerest service to your needs. Carefully developed by our devoted in-house design team, mammyshop provides different lines of our patent Viscoelastic Foam made products that include Good-night collection, “MUM-MUM” Feeding Bottles and Pacifiers collection and Breastfeed collection to major hospitals and postpartum care homes. We are a brand not only to provide desired products that fit parents needs, but most importantly, to convey the sentiment of happiness.


A warm companionship is the foundation of parenthood; it is also what mammyshop sets out to achieve. We are determined to provide what you need for nurture your little loved ones. We are, and always will be here to help.